9 Steps To Using Analytics In Your Game

    9 Steps To Using Analytics In Your Game

    9 Steps To Using Analytics In Your Game

    Oscar Clark is an evangelist at Unity Technologies and co-founder at Rocket Lolly Games.

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    The realm of data analytics is daunting for the uninitiated. The language used so casually by some is meaningless jargon to too many of us and can be disempowering.

    As a result we can too easily give up and either end up doing nothing or paying some “Data Genius” to magically solve all our problems. It rarely works like that.

    We need to know why a player decides to install our game, what triggers their initial play. What causes them to churn out of the tutorial or continue playing to the next level, why they return the next day… the list goes on.

    To do that we need to understand the journey our players embark upon when they start our game and look at how we can implement changes that are likely to have the most impact. That requires Insight; something we only get if our data is structured in a way which mirrors the game itself.

    These nine steps will help you get your data into a shape where you can understand what’s going on and make educated guesses about how to improve the performance of the game.

    • Set objectives
    • Define what you can measure
    • Define the trigger events
    • Classify your data types
    • Implement data events in the game
    • Map data to the player experience
    • Use robust reporting tools
    • Act and record changes
    • Review the process itself

    We don’t need to be data analysts to do this; we need to be data aware and be unafraid to follow the steps to ensure that we understand what our data means so that when we start experimenting we know what measures we are trying to change and why. And we can get better results too!