BlackJack – World Champion Casio Game


BlackJack – World Champion Casio Game

Enjoy the famous BlackJack card game in Casino style.
Game is easy! Just place your bet, close your eyes, pray to your god and collect your chips.
What are the chips for? They will bring you to higher class casinos around the world to compete with high class players.Start in London, you can travel to Macau, Monaco, Paris, Las Vegas…. to defeat all the bankers and players with your luck.
But is this card game is only about luck? Don’t be so sure.
Figure out yourself in the casino style of graphic and music of this amazing game.

We’re making games with simple gameplay and endless fun with:
– Cool sound
– Nice graphics and animations
– Leaderboard to compete with your friends
– Update frequently as user’s feedback
And they’re TOTALLY FREE.

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