The Future of Mobile Gaming


The Future of Mobile Gaming

The word “gaming” is traditionally associated with hardcore playing, like MMORPG or consoles. However, in the recent years, an ever-growing share of the market has been occupied by mobile gaming. Quietly creeping behind the mainstream gaming, the mobile games market is predicted to surpass that of console gaming by 12% by the end of 2020. This means that the market is shifting, and smartphone games are dominating it.

Why is this happening? For one thing, mobile gaming, like UK mobile casino, is a more casual pastime, which does not involve considerable engagement or effort on the part of the player. In other words, people just kill off their free time every day and everywhere, and it amounts to much more hours spent playing than the console gamers do. Also, 49% of the mobile gaming market are women, thus, smartphone games have a significant advantage over the console games which appeal primarily, and dominantly, to men. The question of cost is not the least important in this equation either. Mobile games are usually free of charge to start with and can be monetized as they gain popularity and allow built-in purchases. The console games do not have that advantage.

The Future of Mobile Gaming

What Trends Will Influence the Mobile Gaming Industry

So, what does that mean for the future of mobile gaming? First of all, that the console market will fight back, with strategic weapons like Nintendo’s recent Switch. It represents an effort to make console gaming more mobile and provide the same in-depth experience that the traditional console does. However, a portable gaming device will hardly ever substitute a mobile phone in terms of weight, convenience and functionality when it comes to non-console functions. Like, well, calling or texting.

Also, it will be in the best interest of the gaming industry to boost mobile phone technology development. Mobile games are significantly limited by the phones’ screen size, battery capacity and operational memory, so there is no such thing as a prolonged high-quality experience in mobile gaming. If a technological breakthrough occurs in the sphere of mobile phone hardware, we will witness a boost in mobile gaming never seen before.

Augmented reality games will also be gaining popularity. Pokemon Go was the first try to introduce augmented reality into mobile gaming. But it wasn’t just that. This game was complex in itself (far more time-consuming and demanding that the common mobile puzzle type games) and it required a higher level of commitment from the players. And it showed that, even for the casual mobile phone players that have never engaged on such a level before, it was possible. Online slots enjoy a similar popularity, and here are some tips for playing slots.

Finally, the mobile games will stay casual and gender neutral. The most popular type of mobile games is puzzle games, and the easiest ones are the most downloaded.

Overall, smartphone and tablet games continue to be a growing trend, and their popularity is vastly explained by their accessibility, low cost for the user, and the ease of use. We hope that new technological advances will bring new possibilities for mobile gaming in the nearest future.