5 New Games You Have To Play This Week


5 New Games You Have To Play This Week

#1 BlackJack – World Champion Casio Game

That is one of famous Casio Card Games on Mobile. Just place your bet, close your eyes, pray to your god and collect your chips. What are the chips for? They will bring you to higher class casinos around the world to compete with high class players.

Available on Apple Store

#2 Solitaire Maya

You will be attracted by Maya ancient. Try your hand at the most classic of all card games.

Solitaire Strategy

  • stack cards in alternating color
  • build down from king to ace
  • click the deck in the top-left corner for more cards
  • get all cards into their suit-oriented foundations
  • beat solitaire when all 52 cards are in their four suit-oriented foundations!

Download Game on your CH Play or Apple Store.

#3 Bird VS Blocks – Don’t Touch The Blocks

Birds vs Blocks is the combination between Bird and Block gameplay.

Tap to control your bird to destroy the blocks!!!
YES, you can now get more birds and destroy the blocks on your way!!!!
Sound easy and interesting? Let’s see how far you can go.

Download Game on your CH Play or Apple Store.

#4 Ballz Blast – World The Champion Time Killer

Swipe your finger to throw the pong and break the bricks. Try to break as many bricks as possible before they move down to the bottom. Collect all the items to get additional balls and make an endless ball chain!

Easy to play but very hard to reach high scores. Pay attention to the angle, it is the key point! How long can you survive on the Ballz Blast?

This game was released on both CH Play and Apple Store.

Download and enjoy game now.

#5 Egg VS Pot

Don’t drop the egg!
Tap to push the egg up to the next bowl. Sound simple but it’s not easy, because the bowl is keep moving.
Try your best to push the egg to its destination and you will get surprised at the end.

Available on CH PLay.

Resource : http://fingertaps.mobi/gaming-mobile/