Ball Blast – World Champion Time Killer


Ball Blast – World Champion Time Killer is a fun brick-breaking online game created by the Fingertaps Studio. You can play the online or offline version on your mobile phone or tablet in fullscreen mode.

Break the bricks by directing your ball at them. The numbers on them indicate the number of times they need to be hit before they get destroyed. Also try to collect the all circles to get more balls which equals more fun and a lot of statisfying brick-smashing.

Try to aim for the space between the bricks so that the balls can enter the spaces between them which will result of mass of balls bouncing off and demolishing the bricks.

Swipe your finger.
Tap on touch screen devices.

Fingertaps has done a marvelous job of taking the concept of a classic arcade game and making it fun and perfect and highly addicting for use in modern devices. Plus the music is really beautiful. You almost feel like celebrating.

Download game on Apple Store:

or Google Play Store: