Solitaire Maya – Free Pyramid Card Game


Solitaire Maya – Free Pyramid Card Game

Solitaire Maya card game is the #1st card game in World Champion game series of FingerTaps.
Solitaire Maya is a great combination of the popular, classic Windows Solitaire and the Maya ancient mysterious style.
The familiar game play cost you no time to start!!!
The amazing feeling on each card turn, the goosebumps when you complete the maze are doubled when the whole game is covered in ancient Maya world!!!
Have you ever wondered how it feel when an ancient Maya warrior play a solitaire game? Solitaire Maya will give you the answer.

If you LOVE classic Windows Solitaire, this game is for you!!!
if you LOVE ancient Maya world, this game is for you!!!
If you LOVE both, you cannot LIVE without this game!!!

– The best graphic design Solitaire game you have ever played
– Smooth movement and end game effects
– Draw 1 card
– Draw 3 cards
– Modern card fronts
– Custom card backs
– Custom backgrounds
– Simple nice sound effects
– Time counting to track your record and share your skills to friends
– Stuck? There are Hints for the best move
– Undo previous move
– Auto complete to finish game
– Unlimited FREE game

Try yourself and enjoy the whole new level of classic Solitaire game with Solitaire Maya card game!!!!

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solitaire maya - free pyramid card game solitaire maya - free pyramid card game